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Type: SA series
Material: stainless steel
1. Material:special stainless steel(anti-magnetic, anti-acid, anti-acid,antiseptic, stainless).
2. Tweezers tip is very sharp, not easy to be deformation and damaged, hardness is over HRC 40 with
good elasticity.
3. Appearance:Profi le clear,line is fl uent, plane smooth,high grade feelings.
4. Plane thread:surface thread line is consistent, side R edge is uniform smooth.
5. Transitiom angle:wheel angle is clear and beautiful.
6. Tip is fi ne, long contact.
7. Feel is good, use for a long time is ont tirde. Pinch force; the force when two advance assembly is 250±10g.
8. Solder and silver tin can be attached.
9. Resistance to high temperature.
10. Durable, fi t long time working,life is 3-5 times compard with normal tweezers.




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