International brand "VETUS" Tweezers its enterprises Shanghai Peakwin Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
and Shanghai Haoqian Trade Co., Ltd., engaged in selling all walks of life, all varieties, the series of
high-quality tweezers and diagonal pliers; In Qidong City, Jiangsu Province establishment of Qidong
Vetus tool Co., has more than 5,000 square meters standard factory, engaged VETUS forceps with
diagonal pliers production.
We import advanced Switzerland tweezers process way and meticulous work ethic, products include
JP, SA, ST, ESD anti-static, ESD exchangeable tip, MT, TV, ceramic tip, bamboo and color series, etc.
VETUS tweezers have some characteristics as following: ultra precise, high accuracy, anti-magnetic,
anti-acid, superhard but elastic, which quality is higher than HOZAN(Japan), GOOT(Japan), RHINO(Japan),
Pro’sKit(Taiwan), IDEAL-TEK(Switzerland), STANLEY(USA), obvious characteristics as following,
1. Material is special anti-magnetic stainless steel, other brands can’t do this.
2. Tweezers tip is hard but elastic, not easy to be out of shape.
3. Fine workmanship, durable, but price is only a third of other same quality level brands, high cost
performance, you know.
Our customers distribute in Peking, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou, Taiwan,
HongKong, Korea, USA, Japan, etc, in more than twenty different countries and regions, our tweezers
gain their support and good reputation in lasts ten years.
To contribute better quality and all for sake of users is VETUS enterprise spirit, advanced Switzerland
technology is our base to build international brand “VETUS” for century-old shop, the rigorous scientific
management, honest work and enthusiastic service is our gift for all users.
Tweezers professional manufacturer welcome new and old users to supervise our work and negotiate

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